chance meetings + fortunate events happen for a reason


every serendipitous moment happens for a reason...

We see the opportunities and find meaningful solutions...mostly while eating and drinking, and, if lucky, while traveling. There is nothing worse than a poorly executed event or the generic festival format replicated. We want to be inspired. We love to be entertained. We strive to meet compelling, smart people. We can’t get enough of making this happen over exceptional food and delicious beverages.
Great events are meant to encompass each of these qualities. While there are plenty of good ideas and even better intentions, you have to have your shit together to be successful in this business. It takes meticulous planning, thoughtful curation, and passionate execution.

Enter Sipindipity. We offer all of this and more.

We are event consultants who can come in, evaluate what you are doing, and amplify it. If an event needs a fresh approach, consider us the invigorators. If a destination, bar, or restaurant needs a new concept to build exposure, we will place it in the spotlight. 

Everything we do is done with purpose and intention. We have a 501c4 organization—Home Team Angels—that gives back to food and beverage campaigns that support disaster-stricken areas and that helps build the dreams of aspiring professionals in need of a boost to their business planning.

We are event consultants. We are food and beverage concept experts. We are planners. We are Sipindipity. 



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Services At-A-Glance

Festival and Event Consulting

  • Total evaluation of event or festival:

    • Multi-day Retreat on Taking Your Event to Next Level: complete 360 evaluation retreat done in advance of the event
    • Onsite Evaluation Report: evaluation of the event done during and after the event
    • Rescue and Refresh of Struggling Events and Festivals: new concept ideas for events that need to be refocused
  • Talent Relations: recruitment, management, travel logistics, and VIP services for talent needed for the event

  • Creative Concepts and Event Development for new festivals and events


Restaurant and Bars Event Consulting

  • Creative Concepts and Event Development

  • Marketing and Media Relations of events

  • Talent Relations: recruitment, management, travel logistics, and VIP services for talent needed for the event

  • Organization and Logistics Assistance

  • Ticketing Assistance

  • Sponsor Fulfillment (limited sponsor recruitment)

Beverage Product Launch Events (national or international brands into US markets) 

Specializing on artisanal beer, wine, spirits, and misc. beverage products

  • Kick-off Events launch events

  • Promotion of products in designated markets

  • Media Relations

  • Partnership Development with key accounts